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A: Our main bussiness is IR Air Compressors & Parts, we can also provide relevant service (like diagnosing troubles, sharing the technical data....

A: We accept both large and small orders, and our MOQ is one piece.

A: We offer photos, drawings, part books, menus. If this product in our warehouse now, we can offer video call for you guys to confirm right now.

A: Due to complete supply chain management, there are hundreds of parts in our stock now. If we don't have the part you reqiure in stock, we can speed up the order to the original factory to guarantee very short delivery time.

A: High quality(original and genuine), favourable price in the industry.

Short lead time, quick delivery.

Hundreds of parts in stock.

Excellent service, 24/7 provided. We can provide many solutions to solve the problem in the air compressors.

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Our products come directly from the original factory with high quality, favorable price, short delivery time and sufficient stock. You can trust us because we have complete supply chain management.